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Why Seek a Recruiting Agency for Top Level Vacancies?

Hiring professionals to fill key management and executive positions is not a frequent task within a company. Most top level positions remain filled for decades. That means the human resource department is not likely to have experience interviewing for such vacancies. Questions can be found online, but it is difficult to find the right candidate with limited to zero practice.


Recruiting the best talent in any industry can be time-consuming and expensive when done in-house. Experienced recruiters will have the time, skills, and reach to find ideal candidates to present to the company for second interviews. To start a new search project, the recruiter will review the data base compiled by agency. If an ideal candidate is among those registered, the position is filled quickly.

New Searches

No relevant candidates in the data base brings about a new search. This process may require more time, but is worth the extra effort. Advertising, application review, interviewing those qualified, and verifying backgrounds are all completed by the recruiter. What the company receives is a short list of possible candidates to interview a second time.


It is important to find an agency that includes the industry in their areas of specialty. The advantage is that recruiters are knowledgeable about that field. They understand the pressures of top level management and are familiar with what types of candidate will be successful. A Packaging Recruiter, for example, will be in tune to what the job entails.

Agencies rarely have one area of practice, but some have just a few areas. That allows their recruiters to completely focus on one industry. Interviewing candidates for Flexible Packaging jobs and careers will become second nature. Whether the vacant position requires a manager for sales, customer service, or health and safety, or an engineer for process control, the recruiter will have an idea of the job demands and select candidates accordingly.

Types of Contracts

Recruiting agencies typically offer two different types of search. The company can select a financially committed search. Payment in advance makes the search a top priority for the agency. This is perfect for vacancies that have to be filled yesterday. A contingency search requires no upfront costs. Fees are paid when the position is filled. This will save money if timing is not a major issue.